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At SBR Energy, we are proud to be a leading player in the Texas oil and gas industry. With a proven track record of successfully identifying and extracting natural resources that drive economic growth and create jobs in our local communities.


We understand that today's world requires reliable and responsible energy sources that minimize environmental impact, maximize efficiency, and promote sustainable development. Therefore, we have implemented state-of-the-art technologies and best practices to ensure that our operations meet or exceed the highest safety, quality, and compliance standards.


Our drilling activities cover a broad range of geographies, geological formations, and producing zones, each with its unique challenges and opportunities. We combine our specialized knowledge, expertise, and innovation to optimize our drilling processes, reduce costs, and minimize risks while delivering premium-grade oil and gas products to our customers worldwide.


Currently, our drilling company has a significant presence in the prolific Permian Basin, which spans over 75,000 square miles in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico. We leverage our extensive experience and deep understanding of this area to identify the most promising acreage, secure leases, and drill wells that produce high-quality crude oil, natural gas liquids, and natural gas.


Moreover, we are committed to working closely with local communities, regulators, and stakeholders to ensure that our operations are safe, sustainable, and beneficial to all. We value transparency, communication, and collaboration to build trust and foster long-term relationships with our partners.


In addition to our drilling activities, we also invest in research and development to explore new technologies, methods, and resources that can help us unlock even more potential in the oil and gas industry. We focus on identifying and mitigating risks, reducing costs, enhancing efficiency, and reducing environmental impacts, which aligns with our vision for a sustainable and profitable future.

Activity Timeline

As a result of our hard work, dedication, and expertise, we have achieved remarkable success in the oil and gas industry and have been recognized by our peers and customers for our outstanding performance. We have established ourselves as a reliable and responsible partner, committed to providing quality products, exceptional service, and economic value to all our stakeholders.


Our oil and gas drilling company is proud to be part of the Texas and Oklahoma energy landscape, and we are committed to delivering reliable, sustainable, and profitable energy solutions to our customers worldwide. We are confident that our expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence will help us achieve even greater success in the future. 

December 2012

SBR to begin horizontal drilling into the San Miguel zone in Dimmit County, TX

November 2012

SBR to complete horizontal drilling, water flood plan targeting San Miguel zone on Dimmit County, TX

October 2012

SBR begins to work over & a new drill targeting Eagle Ford shale in Dewitt County, TX

October 2012

SBR completes evaluation of Granite Wash drilling targets

October 2012

SBR spuds well in Archer County, TX

September 2012

SBR begins evaluation of Granite Wash acreage in Texas panhandle for drilling targets

September 2012

SBR begins to work on developing a land bank of prospective leases in Texas

September 2012

SBR begins evaluation of Wood Ford shale leases in Central Oklahoma

September 2012

SBR completes evaluation of Wood Ford Shale leases in Central Oklahoma

August 2012

SBR develops a plan for horizontal drilling in the San Miguel zone on Dimmit County, TX leases

July 2012

SBR begins evaluation of potential leases in Alberta, Canada, for exploration  and development

March 2012

SBR begins evaluation of Saratoga field Hardin County, TX leases for exploration and development

March 2012

SBR completes evaluation of Saratoga leases

February 2012

SBR completes acquisition of Archer County leases


SBR San Andres Play, Permian basin west Texas


SBR San Andres Play, Permian basin west Texas


SBR Austin Chalk Play, South Texas


SBR Horizontal Woodbine Play, East Texas


SBR Glen Rose Play, East Texas


SBR Devonian Play, Permian basin west Texas

SBR Energy Team Track Record

Below are past projects  of which the SBR  Energy partners  & stakeholders have been involved in.

Bakken Shale

10 well project, horizontal drilling

Alberta, Canada

 15 well  tertiary recovery  project

Haynesville  Shale

5 well project

Wyoming Oil Field 

30 well project

Eagle Ford  Shale

10 well project

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