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How SBR Energy Is Committed To Sustainability

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

As a leading company in the oil and gas industry, SBR Energy prioritizes the notion of sustainability in all our operations. Our unwavering commitment to this principle is demonstrated by our strict adherence to all health and environmental regulations, enabling us to meet the desired Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) effectively. We are passionate about contributing to the growth of the societies we serve today, and as such, we curate our sustainability strategies to ensure that they align with sustainable practices.

SBR Energy - How SBR Energy Is Committed To Sustainability

Texas Oil & Gas Fields

Leading economists view Texas oil and gas fields as having the lowest carbon footprint compared to any other oil and gas fields globally. This is significant as it attests to our company's concerted efforts to reduce our carbon footprint to help achieve a greener future. The European Union has recognized natural gas as a green energy source. As such, many power plants now prefer it as a cleaner alternative to coal, making it an excellent replacement option in decarbonizing our energy mix.

Carbon Emissions

At SBR Energy, our relentless commitment is to mitigating the harmful carbon emissions that impact our planet. Our team of seasoned professionals deeply understands energy flows and meticulously monitors emissions across all our operations, leaving no stone unturned in our quest for environmental sustainability.

How We Work Towards Sustainability

We set stringent sustainability targets and continuously evaluate our performance to ensure we remain on track towards achieving our goals. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we employ advanced methods to reduce carbon emissions to the bare minimum. As a nod to our green initiatives, we strive to incorporate eco-friendliness at every step of our operations.

We take great pride in our innovative approach, exploring new avenues to leverage renewable energy sources to power our machinery. For instance, in certain areas, we utilize solar panels to power pump jacks in oil fields, reducing carbon emissions and minimizing our dependency on non-renewable sources, thus stimulating the transition towards cleaner energy.

With our unwavering commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability, SBR Energy remains at the forefront of initiatives centered on environmental protection.


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