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At SBR Energy, our home office in Waco, Texas positions us ideally to efficiently manage our current and upcoming leases. We proudly oversee various operations spanning Archer, Dewitt, Dimmit, and Hardin counties from this location. Additionally, we are constantly seeking exciting opportunities in regions such as the Texas panhandle, Oklahoma, and even Alberta, Canada.

Modern & Traditional Tools

As we undertake our exploration endeavors, SBR Energy harnesses a blend of modern and traditional tools to confirm reserves with unwavering accuracy. Our team of professionals relies on innovative techniques, including 3D seismic imaging, radiometric surveys, thermal imaging, hyper-spectral surveys, well analysis, traditional geology, gravity surveys, magnetic surveys, geochemical and structural surveys to conduct thorough and meticulous examinations. With this comprehensive approach, we ensure robust and reliable results that optimize our performance and track record.

3D Seismic Imaging

3D seismic imaging is a geophysical exploration method that involves creating a detailed subsurface map using sound waves.

Hyper-Spectral Surveys

Hyper-spectral surveys utilize remote sensing to collect and analyze data across a vast electromagnetic spectrum, providing detailed information on the composition of a given area.

Gravity Surveys

Gravity surveys are a geophysical technique that measures the variation in the Earth's gravitational field caused by differences in the density of underlying rocks and minerals.

Radiometric Surveys

Radiometric surveys are geophysical methods that measure the natural radioactivity of rocks and soils, helping to identify mineral deposits and geological structures.

Well Analysis

Well analysis involves the evaluation of the properties of water wells to determine their yield, efficiency, and potential issues, which is critical for ensuring a reliable water supply.

Magnetic Surveys

Magnetic surveys involve the use of magnetometers to measure variations in the Earth's magnetic field, helping identify subsurface geologic structures and potential mineral deposits.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging captures the infrared radiation emitted by an object to create an image that displays heat distribution variations, aiding in detecting abnormalities and malfunctions.

Traditional Geology

Traditional geology studies the Earth's physical structure and composition, including rocks, minerals, and fossils, and its processes, such as plate tectonics and erosion.

Geochemical Surveys

Geochemical surveys involve collecting and analyzing soil and rock samples to identify the composition and distribution of elements, minerals, and chemical compounds.

Cost-Effective Solutions

When optimizing oil recovery on a site, SBR experts utilize various production techniques to ensure the most effective and efficient results. This includes using horizontal or lateral leg drilling, water and nitrogen flooding, Co2 injection, advanced technologies, and more traditional drilling methodologies.


To ensure cost-effective and profitable production, every unique situation demands specific technology considerations while strictly adhering to environmental regulations. SBR is dedicated to protecting natural resources both above ground and below ground, regardless of the techniques implemented. By utilizing the most effective production techniques, SBR experts maximize oil recovery without negatively impacting the environment. Trust SBR to provide reliable and responsible oil production solutions for any project.

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