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David Wehrhahn

David Wehrhahn boasts an impressive 40-year career in the Oil and Gas Industry. Throughout his tenure, he has served as a highly skilled consultant and manager for some of the industry's most prominent companies. His extensive expertise centers around Economic Evaluations, natural gas processing, and reservoir engineering. 


Mr. Wehrhahn's unparalleled experience leads in designing and implementing primary, secondary, and tertiary recovery processes. Specifically, he has excelled in under balance horizontal drilling techniques, water floods, CO2 enhanced recovery, and in-situ recovery of oil from oil sands. 


In addition to these impressive credentials, Mr. Wehrhahn holds the esteemed positions of CEO and Director for three CPCs listed on TSX venture Exchange and CEO and Director of Hermes Energy, an independent oil and gas operating company. 


He is also the Founder and Director of Triangle Resources - a renowned Properties firm that Win Energy eventually acquired. In collaboration with the prestigious Canada Systems Group (CGS), he developed the advanced GAS MODEL System - an innovative economic planning and optimizing model for gas plant operations. This joint venture has since transformed into ISM Canada, cementing its position as a leading voice in the sector. 


He has also held several managerial positions in other influential companies, including the Manager of Enhanced Oil Recovery Process Development for Gulf Canada Resources and the Manager of Production Systems and Exploration Systems for Petro Canada. His wealth of experience in the industry puts him at the forefront of innovation and strategic decision making, making him a valuable asset to any organization he works with.

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