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Paul Domagalski

Paul Domagalsi, a Certified Professional Landman, boasts 34 years of extensive experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, covering all aspects of the field. With his expertise in asset evaluation, he has successfully helped numerous businesses meet their desired developmental objectives. His exceptional capabilities as a facilitator have driven high-level land agreements in the Oil & Gas industry, making him a widely recognized figure in the field. 


Paul's advanced knowledge of the industry, legal processes, and regulatory compliance in multiple states including Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado, sets him apart from his peers. His exceptional negotiation skills, business acumen, and track record of impactful performance and team leadership make him the go-to person for complex deals. With his conflict resolution skills, Paul has developed exceptional relationships with business partners and stakeholders, making him a valuable asset for any business venture.

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