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How Oil Wells Work

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

When it comes to the energy industry, oil wells are an essential part of the process. The company, SBR Energy, is one of many that benefits from oil wells and their production. This blog will give an overview on how oil wells work and what they have to offer the industry.

SBR Energy - How Oil Wells Work

What is an Oil Well?

An oil well is an excavation or borehole that extracts crude petroleum or natural gas from beneath the Earth’s surface. It can be found in areas with a high concentration of hydrocarbons such as oil or gas deposits. Depending on the region and its underground environment, different types of drilling technologies and methods may be used to create these wells. These methods include vertical drilling, which allows for greater access into deeper layers of rock and soil, and horizontal drilling, which can provide better access to certain parts of a reservoir formation.

Drilling Process

The main purpose of any oil well is to reach a layer composed mostly of hydrocarbons by piercing through multiple layers below the surface. To do this, workers use specialized equipment designed for drilling down into the ground that can handle such intense pressure and depths. Once they reach their desired target area, they start pumping in water or other substances at high pressures to crack open any rocks containing pockets of oil or gas deposits. This process can take anywhere from several days to several weeks, depending on how deep they need to go and what kind of geology lies beneath them.

Producing Oil Wells

Once an oil-producing well has been established, it must undergo further procedures, such as casing cementing or stimulation treatments, depending on its condition. After these processes are completed, pumps are installed to extract the oil or natural gas from the reservoir formations beneath the surface. Afterward, workers will then monitor the progress closely in order to ensure optimal levels are being maintained at all times before finally transferring it offsite for further refining purposes or sale within local markets/industries.

Closing Out

In conclusion, oil wells play an important role within SBR Energy's operations as they allow us access into more difficult geological environments while still producing highly sought-after commodities like crude petrol or natural gas; allowing us to remain competitive within our respective field while providing enough resources needed for successful operations downstream.


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