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SBR Energy Engages DelMorgan & Co. for Energy Financing

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Press Release• May 23, 2023, 17:18 EDT (

SBR Energy announces that it has engaged DelMorgan & Co. (, an internationally recognized investment banking firm, to explore strategic growth options on a capital raise to finance projects in its robust pipeline of new high-quality projects in the upstream oil and gas space.

"We have optimized methods in the oil and gas extraction process that can deliver excellent long-term results to shareholders while at the same time being responsible stewards of the environment," Spencer Brown CEO of SBR Energy commented.

SBR Energy Engages DelMorgan & Co. for Energy Financing

DelMorgan’s Chairman, Rob Delgado, commented, “We are excited to be working with the team at SBR Energy. They have some exciting prospects, and we look forward to helping them establish the financial strategies and partnerships to realize their potential.” Neil Morganbesser, President & CEO of DelMorgan, added, “We are confident that this is an exciting time in the oil & gas sector for investors to hear about the development opportunities that SBR Energy currently has to utilize its transformative approach and technology to truly deliver speedy and impressive financial returns.”

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With over 100 years of collective team experience, SBR Energy leverages its advanced exploration and production technologies to redevelop leases into profitable producers. The Texas-based company is looking to acquire under-producing, low-risk oil and gas reserves. ·

SBR Energy develops smaller lease blocks that are less expensive and can be completed faster with more 'oversight. It uses technologies such as nitrogen injection and refrigeration units to increase production of oil and gas wells. We are very focused on maximizing the total barrels of oil that can be recovered per well.

"We leverage advanced technologies to claim untapped oil and gas reserves," Brown said. "Our experts use different production techniques to add value and ensure the most cost effective and efficient results."

SBR Energy already has an established business. relationships with BML Crude Oil Marketing, Energy Transport Logistics, Enterprise Products, GulfMark Energy Inc, Shell, Sunoco, Supply Partners, Truth Resources L.P., and Valero.

About SBR Energy

SBR Energy is an innovative upstream oil & gas producer with a focus on advanced efficient recovery methods which are underutilized by the industry. Our Motto: Energy Innovators In Motion. Its Corporate headquarters are located in Waco, Texas. For more info, go to

About DelMorgan & Co.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California , DelMorgan & Co., is an internationally recognized investment bank and financial advisor. With over three decades of experience and over $300 billion in successfully completed transactions, he professionals at DelMorgan & Co. provide world-class financial advice to companies, institutions, governments and individuals around the world . For more information, please visit


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