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SBR Energy Sets Sights on Acquisitions in Strategic Expansion Efforts

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

WACO, TX / 500NewsWire / June 15, 2023 / SBR Energy has recently announced its engagement of DelMorgan & Co. (, a globally renowned investment banking firm, to explore strategic growth options and raise capital for financing its upcoming projects in the upstream oil and gas sector. With a robust pipeline of high-quality projects,

SBR Energy Sets Sights on Acquisitions in Strategic Expansion Efforts

"We have implemented optimized methods in the oil and gas extraction process that can effectively yield outstanding long-term results for our shareholders, while concurrently upholding our commitment to environmental stewardship," commented Spencer Brown, CEO of SBR Energy.

Rob Delgado, Chairman of DelMorgan, expressed excitement about working with the SBR Energy team, acknowledging their promising prospects. DelMorgan aims to assist SBR Energy in establishing financial strategies and partnerships to unlock their full potential. Neil Morganbesser, President & CEO of DelMorgan, added, "We believe this is an opportune time for investors to explore the development opportunities that SBR Energy offers in the oil and gas sector. Their transformative approach and technology have the potential to deliver impressive financial returns."

With over a century of combined team experience, SBR Energy utilizes advanced exploration and production technologies to redevelop leases and turn them into profitable producers. The Texas-based company seeks to acquire underperforming, low-risk oil and gas reserves.

SBR Energy specializes in developing smaller lease blocks, which are more cost-effective and allow for faster completion with enhanced oversight. By leveraging technologies such as nitrogen injection and refrigeration units, SBR Energy aims to maximize oil and gas production from wells. Their primary focus is on increasing the total barrels of oil recovered per well.

Spencer Brown explained, "We harness advanced technologies to tap into untapped oil and gas reserves. Our team of experts employs various production techniques to add value and ensure cost-effective and efficient outcomes."

About SBR Energy

SBR Energy is an innovative upstream oil and gas producer that prioritizes advanced and efficient recovery methods that are currently underutilized in the industry. With its corporate headquarters in Waco, Texas, SBR Energy operates under the motto "Energy Innovators In Motion." For more information, please visit

About DelMorgan & Co.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, DelMorgan & Co. is a globally recognized investment bank and financial advisor. With a track record of over three decades and successfully completed transactions totaling over $300 billion, DelMorgan & Co. provides world-class financial advice to companies, institutions, governments, and individuals worldwide. For more information, please visit

Contact Information

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