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Spencer Brown Jr. - The Top 100 Magazine Feature

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Spencer Brown is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur who makes things happen. With over four decades in business, he is a problem-solver at heart, managing complex issues and working with underutilized technology. Spencer got his start working in a factory doing floor work, eventually climbing the ladder to becoming CFO, CEO, shareholder, and a partner during his 20-year tenure.

In 2000, he started his own real estate development firm before shifting gears and focusing on oil and gas, and he hasn’t looked back since. Over his career, he’s helmed several thriving organizations and been involved with various startup companies. He’s served as president, CEO, and chairman of National Diversified Co., and has been the chairman and CEO of Brown Holdings, Inc. He was also a real estate broker for over 30 years. Now, as the founder and CEO of SBR Energy LLC, Spencer brings it all to bear in evaluating quality projects and acquisitions that are medium- to -low risk with high profitability. Led by the motto “Energy innovators in motion,” built from a deep record of experience, and a DNA of innovation and efficiency, the private conglomerate is dedicated to the efficient recovery of oil and gas reserves with lower environmental impact. “We’re rapid adapters, and any time we see an opportunity for innovation, we adopt it,” he states. “If there’s a good technology in the works that’s either not being utilized or being utilized inefficiently, we’ll adopt it as a strategy.” Focused on doing things efficiently and optimizing opportunities, the company has effectively used carbon dioxide and nitrogen injections to extract oil. “Instead of just drilling it up and selling it, we work to develop, enhance, and maximize recovery, ultimately optimizing the entire process,” Spencer explains. “We look for de-risked projects where they’re drilling wells in fields that are already proven as productive, going places where there’s enough geology to show the oil and gas reserves are there, so we’re not taking exploration drilling risks.” They count Sumu Energy Inc. as an affiliate. Their California-headquartered investment bank, DelMorgan & Co., has a solid record of over $300 billion transactions across 80 countries for the last 30 years. SBR Energy was also a major partner in the discovery of 9 million barrels of oil in South Texas.

Spencer Brown Jr.

Founder & CEO — SBR Energy LLC


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